Reza Pahlavi Rejects Regime’s Threat of “Syriazation,” Upon Its Fall

Reza Pahlavi Rejects Regime’s Threat of “Syriazation,” Upon Its Fall

PARIS, France -- Iran’s Reza Pahlavi broadcast a video statement to the people of Iran, supporting their legitimate quest for freedom, opportunity and a better life, denied to them by Iran’s ruling theocratic regime.

Rejecting the regime’s explicit warnings of violent chaos or Iran’s “Syriazation,” in the event of its collapse, 58 year old Reza Pahlavi, reassured Iranians of their prospects: pledging that the “day after the regime, Iran will be rebuilt by the Iranian people with full support of talent within Iran and expertise by prominent Iranians who have been denied into exile around the world.”

Pointing to a myriad of economic, political and social crisis — created by the regime – Reza Pahlavi, Iran’s opposition leader, supports a continued campaign of political defiance, by Iranians, whose protests throughout Iran have reached a new energy level, since December 2017.

Repeating his rejection of military action against his homeland, the former Jet fighter pilot, Reza Pahlavi has maintained: “the most intuitive ally of the free world are the Iranian people who seek a secular electoral democracy which would return peace to the region, reintegrate Iran into the community of nations and rebuild Iran from the ashes of the Islamic Republic.”

Reza Pahlavi, Iran’s former Crown Prince, has dedicated his life as a servant of the Iranian people in support of their struggle against a theocracy which has derailed Iran from it’s march towards progress and modernity: “Until the Iranian people get the opportunity to chose for themselves their system of secular electoral democracy, I will remain in their service by amplifying their quest to the international community.”

In recent months Reza Pahlavi has been meeting with a variety of political groups as well as experts in fields relevant to Iran’s reconstruction needs, with the goal to provide leadership and generate solutions for the day after the Islamic Regime.