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Reza Pahlavi's message marking the third anniversary of Iran’s Green Freedom Movement

Thursday, June 14th, 2012 by Reza Pahlavi

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Reza Pahlavi

The beginning of the Green Movement in Khordad 1388, was a turning point in the struggle for freedom for the people of Iran as well as a crystalizing change in the Iranian society, pluralistic movement that took in all ideas and groups, and had major achievements within Iran and outside its borders. This movement has deep roots in the young and seeking population of Iran, due to pluralism and non-violent struggles whose main purpose is controlling ballot boxes, represents the growth and maturity of the Iranian political society in order to establish and achieve a modern democracy.


Three years ago, following the fraudulent elections, millions of my fellow country men and women demonstrated their legitimate and basic rights to a free referendum, by chanting the slogan, “Where is my vote?”. Iranian citizens with diverse opinions protested alongside each other in silence and showed their peaceful protest to the Islamic Republic and the rest of the world.  Two chosen candidates of the Guardian Council, Mr. Mousavi and Mr. Karoubi, protesting the election results, accompanied the people courageously, preferring prison to the Supreme Leader's palace.  Ex-patriots with hopes of returning to their mother country and establishing democracy united with a unanimous voice, with the people of Iran and colored the world green.

Crackdown of non-violent protests, beatings, abuse, killings and mass executions, illegal arrests, incarcerating and torturing ideological, civil, labor and political activists, abduction, imprisonment, harassment and persecution of human rights activists and lawyers including organized and systematic crimes after the election of Khordad 1388 against the people of Iran, executed by the Islamic Republic Regime and with the direct order of its supreme leader Ali Khamenei.  Moreover, regional adventurisms and involvement in the killing and suppressing the freedom fighters and citizens of Syria and aiding the regime of Bashar Assad, has revealed the widespread crimes of the Islamic Republic regime  to all.

The arrest and harassment of bereaved mothers’ of Lalleh Park, prisoners' hunger strikes, a mother's visit with her minor children from behind the prison windows and many more cases, are evidence that this movement is alive.  In order to remove this regime and to transition towards democracy and human rights, it is every Iranians’ national duty to unite hand in hand, stronger than ever before, to create a secular and democratic alternative to the Islamic Republic regime.

In memory of freedom loving victims and prisoners ensnared in the totalitarian rule of the Islamic Republic, in this sensitive time in our history when many dangers threaten our country, I once again declare my promise to all freedom loving people of Iran that until my last breath, I shall spare no effort, in order to get the unconditional freedom of all political-ideological prisoners and to achieve democracy and human rights in Iran.

My political view, overcoming the current situation in context of a non-violent civil disobedience and national reconciliation in order to transition to a better tomorrow for the people of my country, Iran, so that my compatriots can choose their political destiny freely, in a fair condition, by means of the ballot box.

May God protect Iran.


Reza Pahlavi