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Reza Pahlavi: Iranian and Syrian people's solidarity facing a common dictator

Sunday, June 10th, 2012 by Reza Pahlavi

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Reza Pahlavi

The courageous people of Syria continue to fight against Bashar Assad, the ruling dictator of Syria, in order to attain their fundamental human rights.  Bashar Assad decimates thousands of protesting Syrian citizens with his barbaric and violent suppression of the liberation movement.  Unfortunately, the oppressive agents of Ali Khamenei, with the protection of the oppressive and security  armies of Bashar Assad, have  an important role in crimes against Syrian citizens.

I strongly condemn the interference of the Islamic Republic in the bitter and inhumane events of Syria and the exerted crimes against the freedom fighting citizens of that country.  I ask that the United Nations and the international community not be silent in the face of Assad's barbaric and medieval behavior, whose survival is dependent on the dictatorial protection of Khamenei, and to condemn both dictators decisively.

In these sensitive conditions, it is the duty of all political and civil activists, Iranian and Syrian defenders of human rights, to join hands against a common enemy and to force the United Nations Security Council to refer the case against Ali Khamenei to the International Criminal Court of the Hague.

The United Nations and Security Council should be as tools serving human rights' goals and policies in countries that are in violation of such policies. Today, every member of the United Nations Security Council is obliged to show a strong and coherent reaction to the inhumane behavior of Ali Khamenei, by supporting and protecting the people of Iran and Syria.  We hope that China and Russia, as two permanent members of the United Nations, stop protecting the Islamic Republic and Syria's mission (ba'ass) even if it were for the sole purpose of maintaining the long term benefits of their own countries, since both these governments have lost their popular legitimacy.
Freedom loving people and combatants of Syria, should know that they are not alone in this difficult path to attaining freedom and democracy. If protecting Bashar Assad's dictatorship is Ali Khamenei's red line, democracy and human rights in Syria will also be the Iranian freedom loving people's red line.

Regarding the formal complaint against Ali Khamenei to all appropriate sources (members of the Security Council of the United Nations, the Secretary General of the United Nations and Human Rights Council of the United Nations) on January 15th, 2012 (25th of Day, 1390), and it's registration in the International Criminal Court of The Hague on May 30th, 2012 (10th of Khordad, 1391) and my meeting with Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Attorney General of The Court of The Hague, in regards to Ali Khamenei's criminal actions in Iran and Syria, I invite the Syrian defenders of human rights to send a report to the appropriate sources in regards to criminal actions against Syrian citizens as well as the direct role played by Ali Khamenei's oppressive agents in the oppression of the Syrian people.

Reza Pahlavi