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December Q&A

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010 by Reza Pahlavi

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Reza Pahlavi

Question 1) “Nov. Q about asking Israel for help was just brilliant. We will go against every historic alliance, but what have they done to us? We need to let go of ignorant prejudice then the world will help & take notice. Sir, would you ever consider this?” KC


Reza Pahlavi: Dear KC,


I think it is not an unreasonable expectation from our side for any nation to support the just cause of the Iranian people for freedom and democracy. And when they do so, it would be reasonable for us to accept this gesture of friendship and support.



Question 2) “Dear king of Iran, why do anti-Iranian people hate “Shir o Khorshid”? Yours sincerely.” Irankhah


Reza Pahlavi: Dear Irankhah,


As far as I am concerned, Shir-o-Khorshid is one of our national symbols. Some may object to this as a matter of choice.


As to why, maybe we should ask them.


Question 3) “Your Majesty, our beloved king, Majority of Basijis are anti-Iranian people. They will not cooperate with Iranian people, because they are well-paid by IRI. What shall we do when time necessary to face them? Many thanks.” Azadparast


Reza Pahlavi: Dear Azadparast,


As history has shown us, even the most indoctrinated coercive forces become disillusioned when the regimes they support lose their legitimacy. As such, they tend to hesitate carrying out orders of utter repression against their own citizenry.


The moment will arrive when they consider abandoning ship to join the people’s side. This is why I constantly remind my compatriots that violence on our part will only make such forces hesitant to join us; alas resulting in an endless cycle of violence.


Question 4) Why in our culture we do not have term of self-determination? And always we look up to foreigners? Sarbazane_Iran


Reza Pahlavi: Dear Sarbazane-Iran,


More than a question, I think you are voicing a frustration shared by many, including myself, indeed this mentality is self defeating and not conducive to self determination. We can not be puppets on one hand and the masters of our own destiny on the other. It is one or the other. As Nelson Mandela quoted (William Ernest Henley) “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul”.



Question 5) “Your Majesty how can you influence the foreign forces who reinforce the anti-Iranian basij, for example. Palestine and Lebanon? Many thanks” Azadparast


Reza Pahlavi: Dear Azadparast,


Let me remind everyone that history has demonstrated regimes such as the one we have in our country do not last. I caution those who support this regime, and thus contribute to its continuing injustice, that they will have to render account to the liberated people of Iran.


I would also add that citizens in our neighborhood who are affected by the Islamic Republic’s proxies in their respective countries will benefit from the democratization of Iran, which will no doubt put an end to all the ills caused by the current regime, whether in Iran or beyond her borders.


Question 6) “Our dear King, Your Majesty. We true Iranians need to preserve our identity. Why can’t we open a center for issuing Iranians and identity cards with the sign of “Shir o Khorshid” Many thanks. Ramin Azadparast


Reza Pahlavi: Dear Ramin Azadparast,


We must concentrate on bringing about change in Iran, resulting in a truly democratic system, and one which values and protects our cultural and national identity.


This is the ultimate way to resolve most of our problems.



Question 7) Greetings, considering that enemies for years have been plotting in many ways, is not right time for you to organize your followers seriously and follow up with a systematic leadership? God bless Iran, Young Nationalists


Reza Pahlavi: Dear Young Nationalists,


My supporters have various political ideologies, some are Republicans, some are Monarchists, and some have other political beliefs, however all with one goal in mind, freedom and secular democracy for Iran. And it is important for me to insist on the fact that I am not the exclusive representative of one specific group of a political party, monarchists nor any other political group. The only philosophy that I advocate and believe in, is freedom and secular democracy for Iran. I have stressed on numerous occasions, once we have achieved our mission, it will be up to the people of Iran to decide their future political system through a national referendum.


More than ever today, all those who believe in Democracy and Human Rights must unite and work together. Thanks to the young generation, no matter what their political ideology may be, our mission can now be realized. These young Iranians are aware of the urgency that the situation imposes on all of us, they have proven their ability to dialogue through mutual respect and are focused on bringing about change.

This is the way we must all work together, whatever our personal ideology may be, and I personally will leverage all my political asset to strengthen this union and give it a real chance to succeed.


Question 8) “Dear Mr. Pahlavi. There are clearly millions of Iranians who oppose the current regime. What is missing today in the opposition that was present in the late 1970s that was so successful? Organization? Funding? Communication? Media coverage?” JBird


Reza Pahlavi: Dear JBird,


First and foremost: an effective coalition of the educated bourgeoisie, the mullahs, and the traditional opposition. Alas, they knew what they were against but not what they were for---and today we all live with the consequences.


Further, support for the coalition came in the form of funds from a variety of sources, including all manner of support from governments who believed their foreign policy should be guided by the principle of the “green belt of Islam against communism” and by an international media obsessed with the human rights violations of the time but oblivious to the human rights violations committed by the mullahs. These three powerful elements were the catalysts that fueled much of the movement that eventually led us to this sad predicament.


Today our task is more urgent, our goal well defined. Yet, a coalition has not materialized and we have not been successful at attracting the kind of support from the financial, media and other sources that my brave young compatriots in Iran deserve. But is not too late to form a powerful coalition in support of the Green Youth Movement in Iran. It is not too late solicit, indeed demand, that the world media and governments, take notice of the just aspirations of the Iranian people. Instead of a steady drumbeat of war they need to beat the drumbeat of “freedom for Iran.”


Question 9) “Your Majesty, our Persia and our leaders, since introduction of barbaric Islam, has always been influenced/manipulated by foreign countries. Have you been in touch to gain the support of these leaders to ensure the return of democracy to Iran?” Sina


Reza Pahlavi: Dear Sina,


Every opportunity I have to meet with foreign leaders I speak to them about the choice before them today: They can side with the regime or they can side with the people of Iran. If it’s the latter, which I believe is the only one history will reward them for, they should take specific and action. The action I have asked for is direct support, so that the people of Iran can be better prepared to continue an effective opposition against the regime.


Rather than dropping bombs on our facilities, they must assist the people of Iran who are very much in favor of Iran joining the community of nations as a productive member.


Question 10) “Your Majesty, I was wondering, what is your opinion on the idea of having a military strike on Iran, in an effort to abolish the regime’s nuclear weapons program? With warm regards, Utsav Sanduja"


Reza Pahlavi: Dear Utsav Sanduja,


I have said repeatedly over the last 30 years in private and public: I can not and will not accept a military attack on Iran, by anyone, at any time for any reason.


My proposition for change has always been through a campaign of non-violent civil resistance.


As I have mentioned many times, there is a better way to bring change to Iran, and it is important that the international community focus on not only this regime’s nuclear program but also couple it with the human right issues in Iran.